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Do you have a compelling story to share about how you started and grew your business, your department, or your brand with technology being the catalyst for that growth? Are you ready to share your Origins story with the Tri-Cities?

We’re looking for a few individuals who can share their Origins with a passion to help inspire others. If you’ve got technology as part of your DNA, we’d love to hear your story.  Please submit an application to be considered as a speaker for the 2019 Tri-Cities Tech Summit.

What this is:

• An opportunity to connect with others and showcase technology and innovation to help others
• A way to get the word out on how technology is shaping the future and building our community

What it’s not:

• A sales pitch for your product or idea
• A soap box
• A platform for your candidacy for public office
• A stage for your comedy act

2019 Theme: Orgins

For the second consecutive year, Teknologize, Wildland, and the Tri-Cities Research District are teaming up to host the Tri-Cities Tech Summit!  After an inaugural summit last year with over 125 attendees and talks from tech-minded leaders in our community, we are excited to announce the theme for the 2019 Summit: Origins.

Every technology, company, and entrepreneur has a unique start. The Tri-Cities Tech Summit 2019: Origins will highlight those stories, allowing individuals to share their own Origins as they educate and inspire others to learn, do and invest in themselves, their ideas, and their businesses.

Our theme also coincides with the 75th anniversary of the Manhattan Project, a massive undertaking that helped a tiny community become globally recognized. Part of TC Tech Summit 2019: Origins will highlight the technology that came about because of the Manhattan Project and its greater impact on the Tri-Cities.

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The Vision

Our vision is to be the premier technology conference in the region for people who are passionate about technology in their work and life and want to share their passion with other like-minded individuals. This will help the Tri-Cities build and attract new technology businesses, retain local talent, and grow the tech-forward community.


The Mission

Our mission is to bring together local innovators and organizations to share new technologies and discuss how it is changing business and creating opportunities. Through our efforts, we help support the community of local technology professionals and innovators and create an environment for sharing ideas, strengthening relationships and fostering growth. We do that by:

  • Showcasing technology companies in our region
  • Providing instruction and familiarization with new technologies
  • Fostering innovation and opportunity
  • Opening doors through relationships and networking
  • Building a tech-centric community
  • Bridging relationships with other like-minded communities

Be there when it all Starts



Byron Martin,

Byron is CEO and owner of Teknologize, an information technology consulting firm and IT service provider, which he founded in 2011.  Over the last seven years, Byron has helped Teknologize become a technology leader in the Tri-Cities market with a reputation of excellent client care and advanced technical expertise. 

Byron graduated from BYU with a degree in Spanish and has been working in the Information Technology field for the past 19 years. When he’s not garnering more technical certifications and building Teknologize, he’s spending time with his wife and five kids in the great outdoors hiking, boating, fishing and enjoying all the Tri-Cities has to offer.

Ty Mullholland,


Ty Mulholland is the President of Wildland, and has over 10 years of experience leading highly talented teams through large scale projects. Ty has developed projects for large companies such as Microsoft, Hyundai, and Lamb Weston as well as small and locally owned startups. He is passionate about technology that enhances people’s lives. Ty is an avid supporter of the community. He is a board member for Fuse Co-Working, has been a Tri-Conf organizer, Startup Weekend Organizer, WSU guest lecturer, Launch University Keynote and founded several meet ups in the community. He lives in Richland with his wife and three daughters.


Diahann Howard,
Director of Economic Development & Gov.


Diahann Howard is the Executive Director for the Tri-Cities Research District, one of 14 Washington State Innovation Partnership Zones. The Research District is an "innovation ecosystem" enabling research and technology companies to develop, commercialize and market products worldwide. Diahann also serves as the Director of Economic Development & Governmental Affairs for the Port of Benton, where she has worked since 2006. She supports the Port of Benton’s land and building development, grants and legislative requests both state and federal. Prior to the Port, she was the City of Richland’s Economic Development Manager.

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